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Moran Law Office isn't like any other lawyers I've ever met. They truly care about their clients, and don't charge you for every little phone call or paperclip. They're very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the whole bankruptcy process. Highly recommend!
- K.T., Pontiac, MI

About Us

Who you work with to get you through this difficult time is a VERY important decision.

We believe that it's important that you find not only an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer who knows how to get you a fresh start, but one who is committed to serving you throughout the entire process, committed to consistent and clear communication, and focused on your best interests 100% of the time.

With that in mind, we encourage you to take a minute to read a little about each of our attorneys below. Get to know them. One of them is about to become your ultimate resource for answers, understanding, confidence, and direction.

Ryan Moran, Attorney

Ryan B. Moran, Esq. is the founder of Moran Law in Royal Oak, MI, where he practices bankruptcy law exclusively.

What's so special about your law firm?

"For me, founding this firm was about creating a great work life experience. I wanted to surround myself with the smartest people and create a culture where everyone is excited to come to work and believes in what they're doing.

I think we've achieved that here. I'm a smart, very capable attorney, but in many ways, my staff is way ahead of me. These are the sharpest and most committed attorneys I've ever known. I'm really proud of the team we've built. And I haven't stopped at simply hiring the best.

I'm committed to constant improvement of our knowledge, processes, customer service, and business practices. We’'re always improving every single day. And I can tell that our clients really appreciate the level of excellence we commit ourselves to with every single case.

Often times, when our clients first meet us, they've been beaten up by their creditors. They're confused, scared, and somewhat lonely- at least as it pertains to the financial crisis they're facing. It can be very isolating to face a mountain of debt that you're powerless to tackle on your own. It's a wonderful thing to be the solution to so many people who are in these tough situations (pending foreclosures, wage garnishments, credit card debt, medical bills, repossessions, etc.).

And it's an amazing feeling watching their lives transform as they come out of crisis with a fresh start. Most of our bankruptcy clients are able to qualify for home and car loans within 2 years. That's another thing we help them do. We're not just experts at helping them get out of trouble. We help them rebuild- fast."

Here's the story on Ryan's education and experience...

After graduating from law school, Moran worked in Chicago as an economic analyst for a bond-trading firm at the Chicago Board of Trade before deciding to open his law practice.

Moran received his J.D. from Michigan State University College of Law, where he received a full merit scholarship. He was also elected to the MSU Law College moot court board where he competed in the JMLS International Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law in Chicago, later serving as the board's administrative executive assistant. While in law school, Moran also clerked in Washington, D.C., for the Department of Veterans' Affairs Office of General Counsel.

Moran received his bachelor's degree in Finance and Business Economics from Wayne State University, where he graduated cum laude and was the recipient of the T. Norris and Vivilore Hitchman Endowed Scholarship for outstanding leadership and academics. Moran brings a real world perspective, strong communication skills, strong research ability, perseverance, compassion for his clients, and the strength to litigate difficult issues.

Ryan Moldovan, Attorney

Ryan is an attorney at Moran Law where he practices exclusively representing debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

"Representing the underdog and people who are down on their luck is very gratifying. Plus, since I'm able to use the experience I've had representing creditors to my client's advantage, I'm able to see things that other attorneys don't see. I'm able to achieve real life-changing results for my clients and I love that about my work."

Ryan also loves the small firm atmosphere where he's developed strong relationships with his coworkers and doesn't have to deal with big firm politics so he can actual focus his energy and his time on serving his clients.

With a growing family to support (a wife, two kids, and one on the way), Ryan is keenly aware of how a job loss (or other life event like divorce or medical issues) can impact a family. He's been through it himself. And though he was able to find another job relatively quickly, he knows not everyone is as fortunate. Now he's seen family and friends and thousands of Michigan residents through rough financial times and onto a fresh start.

Here's the story on Ryan's education and experience...

Ryan has extensive experience representing both Debtors and Creditors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Prior to joining Moran Law Offices, Ryan represented mortgage creditors' rights in bankruptcy in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan.

Ryan received his law degree from Michigan State University College of Law, where he graduatedcum laude with a concentration in Intellectual Property and Communications Law. Ryan received a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Michigan.

Scott Skinner, Attorney

Scott Skinner is an attorney at Moran Law where he represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. He's also the guy that most of our clients meet with for their initial free consultation. He is hands down, one of the best people you'll ever meet.

"I chose Bankruptcy law because I can talk to just about anyone and I'm great at relating to people. This is a form of law that's best suited for someone who really enjoys interacting with people and someone who has natural empathy. Given the fact that most people have a lot of anxiety and hesitation when they first come in, it's very good thing that I can empathize with their circumstances and roller coast of emotions, so they can quickly get past their fears and we can all get to work setting things right for them. It's very gratifying to be able to do that for people who are in trouble.

I'm also very forthright which I think our clients appreciate. By the time they get to our office, most people have been bullied a bit and they don't know who they can trust to give them straight answers. So, when they step into my office they do get a lot of understanding from me, but most importantly they get real honest guidance. I think most of our clients feel a tremendous sense of relief after we speak. They start to see that they can have more than hope. They can actually get out of their mess and start living the way they really want to live. I love seeing the light bulb go off in their eyes when they have that realization. Then the fun part, of helping make that fresh start happen, begins."

Here's the story on Scott's education and experience...

He received his bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and master's degree in Business Administration from Walsh College. Skinner recently clerked for Judge Colleen A. O'Brien of the Oakland County Circuit Court.

Skinner is a graduate of the University of Detroit School of Law. He had the honor of being chosen as a mentor for 1Ls and was a member of the Business Law Association.

He enjoys working at Moran Law, and loves being able to assist the clients in any way he can.

Rachel Hawrylo, Attorney

Rachel Hawrylo is an attorney at Moran Law where she represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

"I love being a solution for people who really need my help. I love being able to lift the weight. Especially now that my husband and I have an 8 month old of our own, I have a very healthy respect for what my own mother went through as a single parent. For many reasons it wasn't easy, but financially I know it was a long uphill battle. Now I've seen so many people going through really difficult financial situations and it's an amazing feeling being able to help them. And I'm not just helping, I'm able to have a major impact on my client's lives. We don't just give them hope, we're actually able to get people who are in the midst of financial crisis a fresh start. That's why I keep doing this.

Rachel also says that she feels very comfortable with her coworkers. They're good people. And that makes all the difference in the atmosphere in the office. Our clients really get that we're in this for them. You just can't find that at other firms."

Here's the story on Rachel's education and experience...

Prior to joining Moran Law Offices, Rachel practiced law in San Diego, California where she represented Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors and consumers in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases. Rachel graduated Cum Laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California where she received both the Witkin Award, CALI Award, and Jefferson Medal for Property I and Insurance Law and also earned the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Dean’s Scholarship. During law school, Rachel worked as a research assistant for the chair of the Legal Writing Department.

Rachel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics and a minor in legal studies from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan where she was the recipient of the Central Michigan University Board of Trustee’s Scholarship. While attending CMU, Rachel studied abroad for a semester in Cairns, Australia at James Cook University.

Rachel is also an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Central Michigan University, and teaches Regulatory Law and Legal Environment of Business to undergraduate students.

Josh Mahoney, Attorney

Josh is an attorney at Moran Law where he represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Josh has been with Moran Law for over 2 years, assisting clients in both the Royal Oak and Flint offices.

"A lot of our clients come through the door with serious math problems. Actually it seems like they're expecting that we're only concerned with the numbers. But that's one of the things I like best about this firm...

It'’s not all numbers. It'’s about being able to connect with people and put yourself in their shoes and then apply the law in a way that really serves my clients and where they’'re headed.I simplify the jargon and I think it shows that I care about my clients. Face to face interaction with my clients is the best part of my day. After all, there are real stories and real lives behind all of these numbers we deal with in Bankruptcy Law. People'’s livelihoods are on the line and I’m glad I get to help when people are in jams. I get to help them get back on track.”

Bankruptcy law was always the best choice for me when determining my legal career path. At this firm, I’'m not defending criminals or chasing money. I’'m caring for and helping real people get a fresh start in life.”"

What'’s so great about Moran Law anyway?

“"Without sounding ageist, we’re very young, vibrant, and cutting edge. We’re always trying to find new ways to benefit our clients. I’ve found that each and every one of my colleagues is willing to go the extra mile, stay late, and do whatever it takes to help our clients. I love that about my coworkers. Its great coming to work every day with people who share a high level of integrity about their work!”"

Here'’s the story on Josh’'s education and experience...…

Josh graduated from the Detroit Mercy School of Law where he received the CALI Award, Book Award for Small Firm Practice and also earned the Detroit Mercy School of Law Dean'’s Scholarship. While at Detroit Mercy, Josh served as the law clerk for the Honorable Judge Denis LeDuc at the 42-1 District Court in Romeo, Michigan.

Josh received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History and a minor in Political Science from Oakland University. While at Oakland, Josh played for four years on the Varsity Soccer Team, earning multiple Summit League All-Academic Awards. In his fifth year, Josh served as a volunteer assistant coach for the Golden Grizzlies.

Joe Liang, Bankruptcy Coordinator / IT Manager

Joe Liang started at Moran Law as an intern before becoming hired as a full time Legal Assistant / IT Manager. Having just graduated from Oakland University with a B.A. in Philosophy, he is now happily using the skills he learned from school to help out our clients here in the office. He is beginning to work on his law school applications now, and hoping to be attending in the Fall of 2014.

He is an avid reader, enjoys looking as dapper as possible and has a thing for bowties.

What does it mean to be a “Bankruptcy Coordinator?

“"I work with our clients throughout the entire bankruptcy process. I am their resource for questions along the way. I’m in a fortunate position because I am able to create a connection where oftentimes people don’t want to open up to attorneys and have a level of distrust even if its misplaced, but as a coordinator I get a chance to dissolve that distrust and help our clients feel comfortable. They need to know they can finally trust someone and over the course of their cases they ultimately end up opening up to me. I’ve made some very strong connections with our clients and I love being at this firm for primarily that reason.

Our clients are not just case numbers to me. There’s always a person behind the crisis and it’s a big deal that they’ve entrusted us to help them through this. You never know what’s going to happen in life so I’m well aware that financial crisis could happen to any of us. I’m just glad I get to be there for them when they really need someone honest and reliable.”"


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