Extra Cash From Spring Cleaning – Moran Law Shows You How!


Have you accumulated too many belongings over time? Tripping over things on your way to the door? Not enough shelf space to display your son’s latest school photo?

Our Michigan March is finally becoming less like a lion and more like a lamb as it comes to a close.  You can feel spring in the air! That means it’s time for a little spring cleaning.

Instead of tossing or donating unwanted items, why not generate a little extra income? Selling gently used items on eBay is an excellent way to make extra money and declutter your house at the same time. The eBay marketplace reaches customers all over the world looking for a wide variety of different items, including clothing, antiques, books, electronics and housewares.

1. Not just any item listed is guaranteed to generate a sale.

Be discriminating as to what you spend time photographing, describing, and listing. Choose nicer, gently used or new items. Brand names are highly desirable items commonly searched. It’s likely that somebody would be interested in purchasing a Kate Spade handbag you carried once, and less likely that a buyer would be interested in a free reusable tote bag with stains all over it, for instance. Save your time and effort and invest time only in listing items that are likely to sell. You can peruse eBay’s seller guides for more information. They provide a detailed article on what type of items sell best. Textbooks, action figures and collectibles, smartphones, and designer handbags are examples of items that fare well on the eBay marketplace

2. Provide detailed & accurate specifications about your items.

Be sure to be completely honest about any defects- photograph scratches or stains and list them in the description. Provide accurate measurements of the product, especially clothing. Your photographs should accurately convey color, size, imperfections, and any special features. eBay’s aforementioned series of seller guides includes an article on creating a detailed listing, as well as product selling guides for some of their most popular item categories. Providing all relevant information about your item in the listing will eliminate problems when the buyer receives the item and it is not what they expected. Being accurate and honest is the best way to maintain positive seller feedback on your account.

3. Take clear, focused photographs of all relevant aspects of your item.

When you purchase an item in person, think about the ways you would inspect it, turn it over in your hands and try out various features and options- you can’t do that when deciding whether to make an online purchase, so it’s imperative that you include clear, focused photographs of every relevant aspect of your item. Close-up photos of defects, photographs of the item from every side, distinguishing markings, tags or logos- these are all things to photograph and include in your listing. Make sure you take photos in good lighting that accurately conveys the color of your item. Another option to consider is optimizing your listing and photographs for buyers accessing eBay from their mobile phones. Again, eBay’s seller guides are a great resource for getting started- they provide several articles on how to take great photos.

 4. Be smart about listing titles and keywords so your product gets found in search.

Providing all product specifications using relevant keywords can help boost your listing’s appearance in the search results. You can use eBay’s free seller tool, Listing Analytics, to analyze the performance of your currently listed items and see how many clickthroughs the listing gets. When creating your listing, make sure to fill out all item specifications provided by eBay (color, size, brand, etc.) to make your listing more visible in search results. You can also include links to your other listings on eBay in your item description. eBay suggests about 200 words for your item description, and using keywords (for example, “Apple MacBook Pro”) 10-15 times within that description.

 5. Maintain a positive seller feedback score.

People are cautious about buying products online, as they should be. When you go to a brick and mortar store, you are assured of their credibility by reputation, by the appearance of the store, by their return policy, and by the fact that you can pick up, hold, and try the product in question before making a purchase. Online, your credibility lies in your seller feedback score- after receiving their order, buyers can leave comments on the product itself and entire transaction process. They can note if the item was as described, if it was shipped in a timely manner, if you were pleasant and agreeable when they contacted you- this is a huge factor in convincing people to buy your items online. Ship quickly, include all relevant product details in the listing, and interact in a pleasant and agreeable manner, and maintaining 100% positive seller feedback should be no problem.

These tips should put you on the fast track to extra cash and a cleaner house- and nobody can complain about that.
Spring cleaning is much less tedious when it’s profitable, and Moran Law wants only the best for you and your wallet.