If credit card debt is sucking the life out of your paycheck, straining your marriage, stressing you out, and making the phone ring off the hook, you’re in the right place.

Credit card companies that you owe can make you feel like a criminal.  Their harassment often goes over the legal line of how they’re allowed to communicate with debtors.  They tend to prey on your feelings of insecurity surrounding your finances and take a bullying approach to the relationship.

We get it.  Its no fun for you to have to endure their constant calls and threats.  

Relief from Credit Card Debt

You not only have rights regarding how you can handle their phone calls, you have options (likely, more options than you realize) regarding how you handle debt repayment.

We can actually STOP those harassing phone calls with a few days so they’ll never bother you again.  If you take action and allow us to take over those phone calls for you, then any credit card company who contacts you would be breaking the law!

Yes, we can turn the tables that fast.

This protection is available to you even if you’ve made mistakes, even if all of this is your fault, and even if you’ve missed several payments.

The guilt trip can end right now.  All you have to do is enlist our help and we will make them stop calling you.

You do have other options besides bankruptcy.  We’ll explain them all when we meet you.  If one of those options would make the most sense for your circumstances, we’ll tell you so and we’ll even tell you what to do first, second, etc.  There’s no charge for that consultation and guidance.  Its part of the gig for us and we’re happy to do it.

Frankly, the more little guys like you we help, the happier we are.  After all, the big credit card companies can be merciless.  But you know that already.

Now it’s time for you to finally take control of the situation and take action to end their harassment.

Call us today at 866-820-5495 and we’ll help you get out from under that mountain of debt and get the fresh start you deserve.

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