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When you’re overwhelmed by debt, the last thing you need is additional stress. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop creditors and debt collectors from looking for your pressure points. Harassing telephone calls, threats of legal action, embarrassing calls to family and friends similarly stressful tactics are all too common. But there is something you can do about it.

The first step in getting help is for you to stop trusting them, and stop feeling like a criminal.  Just because you’ve fallen on hard times financially, does not make you a bad person or deserving of belittling harassment from debt collectors.

Fortunately, state and federal law protects you from many common debt collection tactics. You may be surprised to learn what debt collectors are and are not allowed to do—and how often their actions are illegal. When creditors and debt collectors cross the line, we can help. In some cases, those violations may even mean money in your pocket.

Know Your Rights

Under federal law, it is illegal for creditors to:

  • Use curses, profanity, or threatening language

  • Call you early in the morning or late at night

  • Call you at work after you have asked them not to

  • Tell you that you owe more or less than you owe

  • Attempt to collect a debt that is not due

  • Talk about your debt or discuss your financial information with unauthorized third parties, including friends, neighbors, employers, and credit references

  • Threaten legal action against you that they are unable to follow through with

  • Threaten to collect more than is due, or to add illegal charges

  • Misrepresent a call as being made by someone other than a debt collector; failing to identify themselves as a creditor

These and other restrictions are laid out under the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). These federal laws are designed to protect consumers from abuse and harassment from debt buyers and third party debt collectors. Additionally, Michigan state law protects consumers. Under state law, you can legally record a call from your creditor. It is important to know your rights, and our team at Moran Law can help you protect them.

When You Work With Us, You Will Finally Have Someone In YOUR Corner

We have no ulterior motives and no interests other than protecting and serving you.  That means we go to bat against the credit card companies and debt collectors to make them stop, once and for all.  This is a much-needed part of the service you get when you finally make the decision to stop the financial bleeding by working with us.

We take over all the calls and get to work helping you get out from under that mountain of debt.  And we’ve helped tens of thousands of your neighbors in Michigan do the same thing.

Call us today at 866-820-5495 for a free financial empowerment session with our legal team to find out exactly how it will work for you when we make the creditor harassment go away.

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