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If you’re reading this I bet “life” has happened. An unexpected life event such as being laid off, a divorce or divorce in process, maybe a medical emergency or perhaps you’ve made a bad decision or two. Whatever the event or reason your finances are spiraling out of control.

You have rights and you don’t have to lose any of your assets to get out from under your overwhelming debt.

How can our bankruptcy attorneys help you?


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

The basic purpose of Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Flint and Michigan state, is to provide you with a fresh start and is the most common type of bankruptcy; it is sometimes referred to as “fresh start bankruptcy,” or “straight bankruptcy.” 

How does this help?

In chapter 7 there is no repayment required for most unsecured debts, your debts are wiped out completely and permanently. This takes about 4 months to complete and it works by wiping out all qualifying debts including credit cards, medical bills, repossession deficiencies, lawsuits as well as a variety of other debts. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an option for debtors provided they have income or wages sufficient to fund a repayment plan. Bankruptcy laws also set certain limitations on both secured and unsecured debt.

How Does this help?

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Flint and Michigan, allows you to save your home and other assets from foreclosure or repossession and catch up on your repayments with a payment plan. This lasts as long as it takes to get back on track.

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100% of your money will be returned to you if an error on our part causes the court to decline your bankruptcy filing. This includes your filing fee.

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